Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sunset by the ocean

Hello friends,

     I was late fixing my hair this morning so I didn't manage to take hair pictures.  My hairstyle today was a mohawk blossomed Dutch braid with rose gold accents, and a low bun.  However, I did get to stop by the ocean-side at sunset, always a treat to see.  Thank you for coming by!

Curly Romantic Hairstyle

Hello friends,

     This morning I tried another hairstyle inspired by @georgiykot, after watching a recent video he posted on Instagram.  I love this hairstyle and definitely want to try it again.  Of course, no two hairstyles are ever exactly the same, at least not on my head, but I might possibly be able to come close to this version again.

     Basically I separated out one half of my hair, then put the first half into a low curly bun.  I folded the loose section of hair up and swooped it over the top of my head, pinned it in place, then braided the length in a three-strand braid.  I fanned out the edges of this braid to make it have the distinct sections that @georgiykot's hairstyles have, then wrapped this braid around my head and finally tucked the ends behind my bun.  Voila!


     I could hear this beautiful bird cooing among the trees, and kept looking till I found it. This is a white-fronted ground dove, also known as a Caroline Islands ground dove. (Caroline Islands is an old-time name for Chuuk.) This beautiful black and white dove is native to the Federated States of Micronesia, specifically Chuuk and Pohnpei. There are less than 300 of these lovely birds left in Chuuk, and its conservation status is listed as vulnerable. How special to have one in our own backyard.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Upside down and inside out

Hi everyone,

     Last week I got to see the new Star Wars movie, if you can tell from my t-shirt.  My favorite parts are the scenes with Rey, and the cute little porgs on the remote island.  They completely steal the show :-)

     My hairstyle today is an upside down Dutch braid, a fun style that I don't do very often.  But I like how this version turned out, and can see myself wearing my hair this way again.  Thank you so much for visiting!

Classic big low bun

Hi friends,

     Today I fixed my hair in a simple, classic hairstyle~ a big low bun with a rope braid accent.  I added flowers to match my dress.  How fun to have a birthday party for a dear friend this afternoon.  I was in charge of the face painting table, what a fun job that turned out to be!  To brighten your day like it did mine, I'll add a few face painting pictures to the end of my post.  Have a lovely new week, and thank you so much for following my posts!